Simplify data access and user provisioning with 4DSecurity

Simplify data access and user provisioning with 4DSecurity

4DSecurity solution delivers workflow and user interface to help you manage user provisioning, user access and security role maintenance within your Snowflake analytics platform.

Solution integrates seamlessly with active directory in your organization and delivers a web UI and wizard-based application to manage users and their access, avoiding hundreds of lines of manual script and simplifying security, privacy and compliance for data in your Snowflake cloud environment.

Save time and manual effort in managing User access and data security in your Analytics platform

4DSecurity provides a user friendly web interface that allows you to manager users access and security better


Access security lineage and secure sensitive data from unintended access

4DAlert allows you to see security access of users from in tree structure and provide visibility of access starting from uers to roles to objects to privileges.

Automate your data security and compliance

4DSecurity makes managing data privacy and compliance easier by allowing t create access policy and masking policy management easier.

User Role Object Warehouse

4DSecurity data access Framework


Available both on premise and in cloud, 4DAlert is an API based solution that connects to multiple source systems within your IT landscape within your organization. Solution uses AI and ML technologies to reconcile data and find discrepancies and alerts data owners when detects anomalies within your data.


4DSecurity has pre-built API that integrates with internal portal such as Servicenow to provision users and manager user access.


4DSecurity provides deep visibility into security roles, objects and privileges and displays detailed lineage in tree structure with options to manage the roles from using user interface without writing a single line of code.


UI/UX module helps you manage privileges without you writing a single line of code or command in snowflake.

Row Access Policy

Easy to use wizard based UI helps you create/manage row access policy and protect sensitive data from unintentional use.

Data Masking Policy

Centralized data masking policy and ability to manage the policy without writing code keeps your database compliant and secured

User Provisioning

Automated API integrates internal tools such as ServiceNow and help your provision users into your Snowflake environment.

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Manage data security without writing a single line of code.

4DSecurity is an API and web based solution that could be run from cloud or installed within small virtual machine within your infrastructure. Solution connects to your Snowflake cloud environment and delivers user, role and privilege management without you writing a single line of code.


It’s wizard-based UI/UX screens let you create/manage row access policy and data masking policy and makes your analytics secured and complaint.

Solution provides an easy to use user interface to audit user access, object privileges providing detailed visibility into which users’ access.


Solution integrates with internal ticketing and case management tool such as ServiceNow to manage user access request workflow and automatically provision the users.

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Good Job 4DAlert. Your data reconciliation alert program is helpful. Automatic data algorithm helped us trap many data quality issues, without which our business users would have taken critical decisions based on wrong data. With 4DAlert in action, we never been so confident about quality of our data.
Hoping for continuous support from you guys…

Senior Director of Analytics
4DAlert Customer

This application is capable enough to pull off the data very effectively and the best part is the report analysis provided by the application which gives a more sophisticated approach that separates this application from the rest in the market.
I’m glad to be a part of the 4DAlert community.

Director of Business Intelligence
4DAlert Customer

These guys provide an amazing tree-like structure of the data. Whenever required, it puts me on the origin of the data with just a few clicks! The lineage of the data is so attractive and satisfying to watch; It could make a layman understand the whole process like a piece of cake!
Really impressive. Thanks, 4DAlert.

Vice President of Analytics.
4DAlert Customer

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